modern home gym with treadmill and weightsConvenience may very well be the biggest factor in determining whether or not you achieve your fitness goals, and nothing is more convenient than having a gym built right into your home. A home gym need not be extensive, either; with just a few pieces of equipment, and perhaps a machine or two, your home gym will be ready in no time. Looking for some home gym inspiration? Here are some of the best types of exercise equipment that you can include in your at-home workout arsenal.


Gym mat

A soft gym mat will come in handy not only for stretching but also for floor exercises such as squats and push-ups. And if your mat is thin enough, it can also double as a yoga mat.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are lightweight and versatile. You can use one to work out standard arm muscles such as your biceps and triceps, or you could even hang the middle of your resistance band from above and pull downward, working out your back muscles much as you do when doing pull-ups. And unlike free weights, resistance bands actually give you resistance throughout the entire range of motion. They can even travel with you when you go out of town.

Free weights

Free weights still beat out resistance bands when it comes to adding bulk, and they also happen to be incredibly versatile. Some opt for the type of free weights that can be modified to add or take away weight (these save on space) while others opt for having multiple sets of weights at various weights (these save on time.) We at SpinX, of course, know and love the versatility that SpinX hand weights offer. SpinX not only tones your arms but also strengthens your cardiovascular and mental capacities as you use it—more than you’ll get from any standard pair of weights.

Exercise ball

A blow-up exercise ball is perfect for working out your core and offering a full range of motion when you do it.

Cardio machine

Cardio makes an excellent companion to weight lifting, and if you’ve ever avoided running outside due to weather (that’s most of us), then it’s a great idea to have a machine dedicated to cardio as part of your home gym. Many opt for a treadmill, but you can also try an elliptical machine or exercise bike.


TV and sound

A TV (paired with ample floor space, of course) is perfect for offering something to entertain you as you work out and for playing those at-home DVD workouts. It’s also a good idea to have some sort of speaker system in your at-home gym for playing your favorite workout music.