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V-rope - Coming Soon

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V-Rope Competitive Advantage:

  • V-Rope is compact and portable. Work out when you want, how you want, where you want.

  • Class ready! V-Rope is the perfect device for classes with 20 students (like spinning).

  • Motivational! V-Rope requires control and provides feedback. There is no monotony of the treadmill going on here.

  • Attractive! This may be the only fitness device that users will be proud enough to leave out when they have guests.

  • Value. V-Rope introduces new technology updating a centuries old favored core exercise



Why V-Rope - Background

Cardiovascular exercise promotes health by providing many physiological benefits, including weight control, increased energy, improved mood, disease prevention, increased physical fitness, and the like. Despite the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, many people struggle to consistently reserve time for cardiovascular exercise in their busy schedules. Jumping rope consistently remains an effective form of cardiovascular exercise that is easy to fit into busy schedules. A jump rope is compact and portable, and quickly burns calories, while improving muscle tone. However, conventional jump ropes generally require a relatively large space for an individual to exercise without any interference by surfaces or items with the rope. For example, many conventional jump ropes require a four-foot by six-foot space with a clearance of approximately 10 inches of space above the individual’s head. Consistently finding such a space, particular indoors, is often challenging and may deter people from regular exercise.

How V-Rope’s Patented Force-Field Technology Works:

  • The V-Rope uses patented Force-Field Technology that is unique to the fitness market.
  • V-Rope uses symmetric field physics and gyro-kinetic vector forces. 
  • The forces created by the internal patented system are controlled by the geometry of the tuned A-symmetric flywheel, creating an offset Tories force.
  • Sound and spinning light are added to enhance the users experience and control to helping simulate the same feel and effects of using a professional jump rope.
  • V-Rope uses a combination of technologies including, vector forces, angular momentum, precession and shaped geometric and gyroscopic forces creating a    three-dimensional core resistance fitness device.

The Science

Velocity or acceleration of a moving object and forces acting on the body are described as vectors

Vector Force = Mass x Length / time2

Precession is the change in direction of the axis in which the second angle is constant.

In a closed system angular momentum is constant.  This law mathematically  follows from continuous directional symmetry of space.